Siam Massage: 60-90 min 
Traditional Siam Royal   style  60 min up
Full body massage without oil .By  using  palms  and  hands ,massage and a wise dosed selection  of stretching ,this is massage is a real pleasure for all senses.
Traditional Siam Popular style   60 min up
Full body massage without oil .development   of  the Traditional Siam Royal .By using palms ,hands
Forearms   ,feet   , knees and  elbows  this massage more movement and more stretching .
Traditional Siam Yoga 60 min up
Full   body   massage   without  oil.  development   of  the Tradition  Siam  .By emphasis of stretching and rotation ,unleashing energy in the joints and tendons.

Siam Bali   Massage 60 min up
Full  body  massage   with oil. Excellent starting massage for  beginners  and  advanced  user .By using wide hands movement and delicate meandering   over  skin tension is removed ,circulation improved stress soothed .emphasis placed on back ,neck and shoulders.
Siam Hawaii Massage 60 min up
Full body massage with oil .This is massage combines the use of thumbs  ,knuckles, palms ,arms and elbow for movement  .
Siam Classic Massage 60 min up
Full  body   massage  with warm oil. Massage   for relaxation of body   ,By using the warm oil the muscles and so the whole body can relax  with the  rhythmic  massage of the hands and palms.
Siam Prenatal (Pregnant) Massage 60 min up
Full   body  massage   with warm oil ,By using hands ,palms, thumbs. Emphasis  placed on legs ,neck and shoulders
Indian Head Massage
Massage with warm oil   ,By  using hands ,palms ,thumbs   involves work on the upper back, shoulders  ,neck scalp and face  for relaxation .


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